Leading Ladies

Members say that the Leading Ladies Giving Circle is successful because the Foundation makes philanthropy so easy and fun! The Ladies, with the support of their Chairman, Marjorie Tinnell, meet four times a year to learn and discuss the community’s most pressing needs. At the end of the year, they collectively determine how they wish to donate their pooled funds.

leading ladies Grant History

So far the Leading Ladies Giving circle has donated $622,000 to the community.


$7,000 to Hope Alliance

$15,000 to the Clay Madsen Foundation

$15,000 to the Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center

$15,000 to the Key2Free



$17,000 to the Round Rock Area Serving Center

$10,000 to Sacred Heart Community Clinic

$10,000 to Brookwood in Georgetown

$5,000 to Texas Baptist Children’s Home



$15,000 to Jail to Jobs

$10,000 Round Rock Cares

$10,000 to Fostering Hope

$8,000 to Respond Against Violence 


$10,000 to Round Rock Area Serving Center

$10,000 to Central Texas Table of Grace

$10,000 to Backpack Friends

$5,000 to YMCA of Greater Williamson County

$5,000 to Wonders & Worries

$5,000 to WBCO



$10,000 to Senior Access

$10,000 to RRISD PIEF-Families in Transition

$10,000 to Literacy Council

$10,000  Officer Charles M. Whites, Jr. Victim Services Fund

$6,000 to Texas Baptist Children’s Home


The Power of collaborative giving

Discover the power of Giving Circles in modern philanthropy, where even small donors can make a big difference by pooling their resources. Join a giving circle to be part of something bigger, support worthy causes, influence where funds are directed, and connect with like-minded members who share your goals. Experience the hidden benefits of collaborative giving that contribute to a stronger nonprofit community, proving that every contribution, no matter the size, has a significant impact. 

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Giving Circles Make Sense… and Give Dollars

While Giving Circles are not new, they are getting more and more attention as part of a wave of modern philanthropy—where “not-your-usual-donors” are giving in “not-your-usual-ways.”  The impact of a giving circle has benefits that go far beyond the impact of giving dollars individually – this collaborative giving is a pooled gift (in dollars and/or in hours), and can have a greater, more intense effect than any one donor giving alone.

Members join giving circles because they want to be a part of something bigger, they want to support a worthy cause, they want to have a say in where their funds go, and they want to do all of that with other members who want the same things. Some of the benefits of the rise of giving circles in our communities are not as obvious, but are just as important in sustaining a strong nonprofit community.


understanding the needs and purpose of local nonprofits

Members of a giving circle are actively trying to learn about what’s going on in our community, how nonprofits work, and how money impacts services. Depending on the Giving Circle, members may do their own research, invite speakers and experts to present to their group, conduct on-site visits and interviews, or volunteer with potential grant applicants.

give more

Studies have found that members of giving circles gave more dollars to more nonprofits than before their giving circle involvement. Members are moved by their increased knowledge to have an even greater impact. They are more connected to the needs in their community and are willing to dig a bit deeper in their pocket and their schedules. They feel more engaged in giving since they often know more about where their money is going, and how clients are being directly affected.


becoming active community leaders

With increased knowledge and increased generosity, comes an interest in helping to guide, shape and lead a community’s response to challenges. Giving circle members are more likely to serve on nonprofit boards, are more likely to take a leadership role in volunteer projects, and are more likely to talk to their friends about what they are working on.

The Central Texas Community Foundation’s mission includes “inspiring philanthropic giving.” Working towards that mission, the giving circle was introduced in 2006 by Shevawn Walzel, and has proven to be an innovative and easy way for busy, yet concerned women of the community to give back. The foundation defines this as the building of community capital — capital that will fund Central Texas’s most pressing needs.